Salute The Boot

The Havelock Appearance Commission is in the process of collecting old military boots (any branch of service) to be on display for the Memorial Day Weekend in memory of all of our men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Please, help our committee collect these boots and meet our goal.  Reach out to military families in our community and ask them to donate to this memorial.  Donation boxes are at the following locations:

    • Walmart : 566 US Hwy 70, Havelock
    • Havelock Drug Store: 1204 E Main Street, Havelock
    • Planet Fitness: 514 US Hwy 70, Havelock
    • TAGG: 235 West Main Street, Havelock
    • Salvation Army: 1228 E Main St, Havelock
    • Val’s Pub and Grill: 209 HW 70 E, Havelock

The boots are on display every year for Memorial Day Weekend (Thurs-Tues) at Havelock City Park. Our goal is to extend this display from City Park and continue down Roosevelt Blvd to the main entrance of CPMCAS.   The photo, below, is our display from 2016.  We are accepting pictures attached to boots, if a family wishes to do so, in memory of a loved one.   We are also asking anyone to share a written story about their boots, who they may have belonged to and where they may have served around the world.   The stories and photos will be laminated and attached to the boots for viewers to see and read as they walk around the park.

If you have a story/photo to share with a special pair of boots, please contact Marlene Lynch and she will arrange special pick up and get them laminated for this event.

Thank you in advance for any assistance in helping us with this project.  If you require any additional information, you can contact Marlene Lynch at 463-0113 or email her at  .  Thank you to all and God Bless.

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