January, 2015 Safety Tips

Did you know?

  • When shopping in retail stores, females typically use a shopping cart and place their purse in the cart. When the female turns away from the cart to get something off of the shelf, this leaves the purse open to being stolen by someone walking by. Several reports have been filed where this occurred and within hours of the purse being taken, the credit cards in the purse were being used at other retail stores by the suspect(s). Remember, it only takes a few seconds for a person to walk by and remove the purse (or the wallet out of the purse if it is not zipped closed)
  • Car Break-ins are a leading crime in our area. When we say break-in, this does not literally mean breaking the glass to gain entry to the car. Just leaving your car door unlocked and the suspect opening the door constitutes a car break-in. 99% of all car break-ins are a result of car doors being unlocked. The suspects (s) simply go from car to car, “Flipping Door Handles” looking for unlocked car doors.car theif
  • In addition to Car Break-ins, please DO NOT leave valuables in plain sight. Remove all cell phones, wallets, gifts, computers, weapons etc from the car. Even if the car door is unlocked, a suspect(s) may break the glass if they can see your laptop or wallet sitting on the seat. We HIGHLY suggest removing all valuables from the vehicle.
  • When purchasing electronic items: laptops, TV, game consoles, music players etc, please record the serial numbers and keep these serial numbers in a safe place. You can also register your item through the manufacturer for warranty purposes (the company will keep track of you serial number for you). Law Enforcement desperately need the serial numbers of your stolen electronic items so we can return the item to you if found. Without the serial number, there is a very good chance the item will not or can’t be returned to you. For example, thousands and thousands of game consoles or TV’s are built and without the serial number how can we say that is your item? This is why serial numbers are very crucial to our investigations because there will be very little question of who owns the item.

Next month, we plan on discussing scams such as the IRS phone scam, lottery scam and selling items on websites such as Craigslist or Cherry Point Yard Sales.Scam Alert

Remember if it sounds too good to be true….It is

If you have any information about any type of crime, please contact your local law enforcement agency or the Craven County Crime Stoppers tip line at 252-633-5141.

You can also send an anonymous email through the city website, by clicking the police menu item then Anonymous Tips.

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