Public Meeting: Sound Attenuation

Notice of Public Meeting

“Sound Attenuation near Air Station Facilities”

The Eastern Carolina Council of Governments (ECCOG) in cooperation with area local governments will be holding a series of meetings on “Sound Attenuation”.


City of Havelock @ 7:00pm on 9/25/19 at the Havelock City Hall Auditorium, 1 Governmental Avenue, Havelock, NC


Attendees will hear a presentation on sound attenuation relating to the impacts of nearby air station facilities. It will address implementation of JLUS recommendations, impacts of noise, sound attenuation education and practices and other community’s experiences. Questions and ideas shared by those in attendance will be included in a final report on sound attenuation. Meeting should be completed by 8:00pm!

Funding for this series of JLUS implementation meetings is being provided by Carteret County through a grant from the U.S. Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA). For more information, please contact Michael Avery, AICP at 252-349-1989.

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