Havelock Citizen Photo Gallery

Show us your Winter pics!

2018 Weather Album

Citizen Photo Upload

Allows citizens to upload photos for Winter weather, storms and other events for display on the album gallery page.
  • Tell us who you are 😉
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: png, jpg, gif.
    Upload your photos for use on the Havelock city website.
    By uploading my photos, I, hereby, grant the City of Havelock use of these photos under the Creative Commons license to be used as 'stock' images for City of Havelock business and advertising only unless otherwise stipulated in the comments section below.
  • Give us some details, if you wish, regarding where, when the photos were taken and if you wish to include people's names or not. I will use this information under the photo's details section in the gallery.