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Bryan Boulevard
Size: .75 Acres
Off  Bryan Boulevard
Cleared but not developed

City Park
Size: 10 Acres
Off  Highway 70
2 picnic shelters (charcoal grill at each shelter)
Covered stage
Swing set (with 6 swings)
2 twirl-abouts, 1 slide, 2 spring animals
1 wooden climber
1 metal climber

Size: 3 Acres
Grey Fox
Presently not deeded to city
Strip of land set aside for bike path

MacDonald Downs
Size: 2.2 Acres
Not developed

Size: .5 Acres
Off Greenfield Heights Boulevard
Not developed

Recreation Center
Size: 5 Acres
Off  Webb Boulevard
80′ x 100′ building (closed)
4 ball fields (t-ball)
Concession stand
4 backstops/dugouts
Swing set (with 6 swings)
1 arch climber
1 horizontal climber

Recreation Complex
Size: 50 Acres
Off Recreation Boulevard ( Fontana Blvd)
Recreation Center (basketball court,
weight/exercise room)
2 concession stands with restrooms
8 ball fields (7 with lights)
1 football/soccer field with lights
3 tennis courts with lights
1 storage building

Sermons Park
Size: 3.3 Acres
Off McCotter Boulevard
1 basketball goal
Swing set (with 6 swings)
2 teeter totters
1 climber and 1 whirl

South Forest Park
Size: 2 Acres
Off  South Forest Drive
Small wooden playground

Stonebridge Park
Size: 4.5 Acres
Stonebridge Landing
700 Foot Walkway
Small fishing pier

Tarheel Park
Size: 1.3 Acres
Off  McCotter Boulevard
1 basketball goal
1½ acre storage

Village Park
Size: 1 Acre
Off McCotter Boulevard
Cleared but not developed

Walter B Jones Park
Size: 12 Acres
Off Governmental Ave. (Behind Public Safety)
Picnic shelter (2 charcoal grills at shelter)
Swing set (with 6 swings)
1 four seat buck-about
1 slide,1 whirl, 4 spring animals
2 lighted basketball courts
Imagination Station Playground

Waterfront Park
Size: 6.6 Acres
Boat ramp
400ft Raised Walkway
900ft Sidewalk
Fishing pier

Wolf Creek
Size: 2.9 Acres
Wolf Creek
Not developed

City of Havelock