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  • Havelock Fire Department formed so Havelock residents no longer depend on MCAS Cherry Point Fire Department and Newport Fire Department for fire response
  • 1st station built for $5,600 for the structure of the building; $1,200 for the floor; interior completed by volunteers (Current building of the city planning department)
  • 28 Chartered Members—all male
  • Military Surplus 530 and Ashford Oil Company 1200 gal. ex-fuel truck in operation
  • Notified of calls via telephone recall and 2 minute Civil Defense siren


  • 1st Howe pumper purchased brand new; later sold for $1,000 (’71)
  • 1936 Ward LaFrance purchased; sold for $600 to Sea Level Fire Department (’72)
  • 1st Rescue Truck 1961 Ford Panel Truck donated to department in early ‘70’s (’72)
  • 15 Motorola non-portable Alarm boxes and 5 Plectron Alarm boxes purchased for home notification of calls (’72)
  • Havelock Rescue Squad created as part of the Havelock Fire Department (’73)
  • 1974 Ford Bean purchased for $25,000 replaced the Ward LaFrance; sold for $25,000 to Broad and Gales Creek Fire Department
  • 1st Ambulance purchased with a grant from the Governor’s Highway Safety Fund—1974 Dodge
  • All rescue squad members except for 9 went on strike because of a disagreement regarding the Havelock High School football game ambulance service (’74)
  • First EMT course taught (’74)
  • Call volume approximately 2 per week (’74)
  • First paid personnel on duty; 1 per shift working 24 hours on and 48 hours off—Bill Creed, Doug Campen, Danny Willis; responded only with fire trucks, not ambulance or rescue truck (’75)
  • Only paid personnel allowed to spend the night at the station (’75)
  • May-Beta Sigma Phi Sorority donated a porta-power hydraulic ram system (’76)
  • May-First time the rescue squad had 5 calls in one day—showed need for additional ambulance (’76)
  • September-2nd ambulance purchased from Virginia; 1972 Chevrolet Suburban (’76)
  • 1st woman to join the rescue squad—Eva Sermons; Cherrie Sanders and Betsy Olkowski were the 2nd and 3rd female members that joined shortly after Eva (’76)
  • Brand new Rescue Truck purchased; originally voted down by the members to purchase but was a definite need and its 1st revealing was at the Christmas Party that year, wouldn’t fit in bay produced need for new station (’77)
  • Prestige van ambulance purchased new from Texas; created 3rd ambulance and Havelock has operated 3 ambulances since this purchase (’78)
  • Calls exceeded 300 per year (’79)


  • 1st Jaws of Life purchased with the assistance of Eddie Ellis and the community (’82)
  • 1st paid fire chief-Jimmy Nobles (’82)
  • City of Havelock switched to the Public Safety format for emergency services (’83)
  • 1st sworn public safety officers—Don Lilly, Jim Drum, Kenny Rhodes (’83)
  • Began building new facility which was designed by the man who designed the Asheboro zoo and had never stepped foot into a fire department until this one was built (’83)
  • 1st “ice cream box” style ambulance purchased-1984 Braun (’84)
  • New building complete which housed the police, fire, and rescue (’85)
  • City started charging for EMS calls due to county initiating a user fee (’86)
  • Havelock Rescue Squad awarded NC State Rescue of the year for their efforts to assist a young man pinned in his bed by a pine tree (’86)
  • Havelock Rescue Squad Became ALS (Advanced Life Support) certified (’87)
  • First squad in the county to go ALS as EMT-Intermediate (’87)
  • Mary Green was the first person to start an IV (’87)
  • Purchase of today’s current Engine 3 AKA 2303; 1988 Federal Pumper LDH (’88)


  • Purchase of today’s rescue truck 2307; 1991 International Rescue LT (’91)
  • Purchase of today’s Engine 4 AKA 2304; 1992 Spartan Pumper (’92)
  • Havelock Rescue Squad awarded NC State Rescue of the Year for rescuing a woman trapped in her car that was trapped under a tractor trailer filled with wood chips in a ditch filled with cold water (’92)
  • Call volume increases to approximately 1000 calls per year (’92)
  • First off campus Paramedic class (’98)
  • Havelock Rescue Squad became Paramedic level certified (’99)
  • Staffed 2 Paramedic/Firefighters per shift working 24 hours on and 48 hours off (’99)
  • Paid Fire Chief, Fire Marshall, and EMT-I/Firefighter (’99)


  • Purchase of 2000 Ford Wheeled Coach Ambulance (out of service) (’00)
  • Purchase of 2003 Ford Wheeled Coach Ambulance (out of service) (’03)
  • Purchase of today’s Medic 232; 2006 Ford Wheeled Coach Ambulance (’06)
  • Medic 233 purchased from Fort Barnwell Fire Rescue for $25,000; 2002 Ford Wheeled Coach Ambulance (’07)
  • Call volume tops 2,000 per year (’07)
  • 3 paid staff promoted to Shift Captain (’08)
  • 4th position added per shift; Paramedic/Firefighter (’09)
  • Purchase of today’s Medic 234; 2009 Ford Wheeled Coach Ambulance (’09)
  • Changed ambulance color to red (’09)
  • Purchased Ladder231, the city’s first quint; 2010 E-1 75 ft. Quint (’10)
  • Opened West End Station (’10)
  • Filled 5 Paramedic/Firefighter positions per shift, 3 from the SAFER Grant (’10)
  • Operations Chief Position created (’10)
  • Purchased today’s Medic231; 2010 Ford Wheeled Coach Ambulance (’10)

Chiefs of the Past and Present

Service DatesChief NameService Dates Chief Name
1967-1969Gerald Kingsley1976-1979Jimmy Sanders
1969-1970Edward MacLeod1979-1981Ray Sanders
1970-1971Henry Sermons1981-1982John Julian
1971-1972Bill Creed1982-1983Jimmy Nobles
1973-1975Henry Sermons1983-1994Mike Green
1975-1975Vestal Henry1994-1998Henry Sermons
1975-1976Cecil Moore1998-PresentRick Zaccardelli

Story Behind the 1974 Strike

The Rescue squad voted to man an ambulance at the football game, but the Board of Commissioners voted to keep the ambulance at the station. Thus, the first football game of the season was equipped with a Cherry Point ambulance, and in protest, all but 9 members of the Havelock Rescue Squad went on strike.

A compromise was finally reached after about 2 weeks of the strike stating that the Havelock ambulance could stand by at the football game as long as they remained with the ambulance and stayed available to answer calls. This is the main reason that there is a gate at the far side of the football field. From then on Havelock has provided service to the Havelock football team as a stand by unit at the games.

Equipment Through the Years

1967Military Surplus 530 - front mount pump 300 gallon tank, 500 gpm pump1984Braun Ambulance
1967Ashford Oil Company 1200 gal. ex-fuel truck1988Federal Pumper LDH - 1000 gallon tank, 1250 gpm pump
1971Howe Pumper - 500 gallon tank, 750 gpm pump1991Internantional Rescue Truck
1974Ford Beamer - 750 gallon tank, 750 gpm pump1992Spartan Pumper - 1000 gallon tank, 1250 gpm pump
1976Ward LaFrance (pur. 1972 )2000Ford Wheeled Coach Ambulance
1961Ford Panel Truck (Crash Truck) (donated 1970s)2003Ford Wheeled Coach Ambulance
1974 Dodge Ambulance2006Ford Wheeled Coach Ambulance
1972Chevrolet Suburban Ambulance (pur. 1976)2002Ford Wheeled Coach Ambulance (pur. 2007)
1977Crash Truck2009Ford Wheeled Coach Ambulance
1978Prestige Van Ambulance2010E-1 75 ft. Quint

Jaws of Life Provision

Newspaper reporter Eddie Ellis witnessed one accident where a dump truck had a person pinned into their vehicle. This incident had a lengthy extrication due to the hand tools and manually operated hydraulic tools being used for extrication. After seeing this accident Mr. Ellis took it on himself to write articles requesting donations for the rescue squad to purchase a Jaws of Life that cost $10,000. In less than 30 days the rescue squad had a little over $10,000 to purchase this much-needed tool.



Fire/EMS Annual Call Volume

  • 1967 Department Formed
  • 1974 -approx. 100
  • 1979 -approx. 300
  • 1992 -approx. 1,000
  • 2004 – 1.424
  • 2005 -1,726
  • 2006 – 1,873
  • 2007 – 2,065
  • 2008 – 2,535
  • 2009 – 2,744
  • 2010 – 2,856
  • 2011 – 2,627
  • 2012 – 2,659
  • 2013 – 2,648
  • 2014 – 2,794

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