2019 First Quarter


The quarterly awards ceremony for Havelock Police’s Do The Right Thing program was held on Thursday night.The following recipients were honored…

Lauren Hill – Havelock High School Grade: 11

Lauren is always willing to help her fellow students and displays a positive attitude. One day during class change, a physical altercation between two students broke out in the hallway. While a large group of students stood and watched, Lauren was the only student to step forward and separate the parties involved until school staff arrived.

Breanna Tucker – Tucker Creek Middle School Grade: 8

Breanna is a selfless individual who spends every day looking for ways to help others. In the mornings she helps Ms. Brody in the library, during class she helps other students complete their work, and after school she helps with athletic events. According to Breanna’s teacher she is a wonderful role model.

Bethzy Alvarodo – Graham A. Barden Elementary Grade: 3

Bethzy borrowed materials and books from the school so she could tutor a kindergarten student in learning the alphabet, reading, and writing. Bethzy did this without having been told. Because of Bethzy’s efforts the student showed noticeable improvement in the classroom. Bethzy demonstrates integrity, responsibility and kindness in everything she does.

Bevon Neal – Arthur W. Edwards Elementary Grade: K

During the polar express parade Beven’s costume had been misplace and was accidentally worn by another student during the parade. Rather than being upset Beven showed amazing compassion for the student by allowing the student to use her costume because she believed they needed it more than she did.

The Havelock Police Department would like to recognize and thank All-State, Walmart, Pizza Hut, The Big Apple, Tagg’s Engraving and the North Carolina Aquarium for the support of our program through their generous donations.

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