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  • First Quarter 2019 Awards: Lauren Hill, Breanna Tucker, Bethzy Alvarodo and Bevon Neal

The Mission:

The Havelock “Do the Right Thing” program recognizes and rewards extraordinary behavior, undertakings, and citizenship by way of a sound partnership between the Havelock Police Department, the Craven County Schools within the City of Havelock, and its students. Monthly award programs at each of the Havelock schools coupled with quarterly grand prize winners  highlight the exceptional students who have chosen to make a real difference in their schools and in their communities by “doing the right thing.” Good students often times deserve more positive attention than they  receive.  They may fly under the radar as their continued hard work and good behavior may be overlooked. They do the right thing , not for notoriety, but rather because of their internal fortitude. The Havelock Police Department chooses to acknowledge these students and salute them.

The City of Havelock Police Department was one of 59th national chapters in the United States. Along with Charlotte/Mecklenburg, and most recently, Winterville. Havelock’s chapter is the one of three “Do the Right Thing” programs in North Carolina.

In March of 2015, the Havelock Police Department became the 59th Chapter of  “Do The Right Thing, Inc.”

MONTHLY WINNERS are recognized at a special assembly at their respective schools. Each monthly winner receives the following:

  • DTRT T-Shirt
  • DTRT Bumper Sticker
  • Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut
  • Certificate of Recognition


QUARTERLY WINNERS are recognized at the Craven County School Board meeting or City of Havelock Commission meeting. Each quarterly winner receives the following:

  • Mini Tablet
  • DTRT Plaque
  • Family Dinner at Pizza Hut
  • Tickets to the NC Aquarium
  • Certificate of Recognition



The Recipients:

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Arthur Edwards

Arthur Edwards Elementary

W.J. Gurganus

W.J. Gurganus Elementary

Graham A. Barden

Graham A. Barden Elementary

Havelock Elementary

Havelock Elementary

Roger Bell New Tech Academy

Havelock Middle

Havelock Middle

Tucker Creek

Tucker Creek Middle

Annunciation Catholic School

Annunciation Catholic School

Havelock High

Havelock High

City of Havelock