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How can I get a copy of a fire report?
Fire reports can be picked up at the fire station normally within 3-4 days of the incident.
I have a question about an ambulance bill. Who do I call?
Ambulance billing is provided by a third party company. They are EMS Management & Consultants. Their phone number is 1-800-814-5339.
Who do I call to get a fire inspection?
The City Fire Marshal has the responsibility for all inspections. His hours are Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm. If you have any questions or need an inspection please call 444-6442 to schedule an appointment.
How do I become a volunteer fireman or EMT?
The City of Havelock is always looking to recruit new volunteers for fire and EMS. Please visit our volunteer page.
Where is the Fire/Rescue Department located?
The department is located in the same building as the Police, which is behind the Harrier Monument on Hwy 70. The official address is 2 Governmental Ave. Havelock NC 28532.
Why do we see fire trucks respond to an EMS call?
Depending on the nature of the call the EMS crew may need help with patient care or lifting assistant, and if we get a fire call the crew can respond directly from the scene.
Do you work on fire extinguishers that don’t work or need refilling?
The fire department does not fill or work on fire extinguishers. There are local private companies that do this type of work you will need to look in the yellow pages under Fire Extinguishers.
Where can I get my blood pressure checked?
You can get your blood pressure checked for free at the fire station just about anytime, you might want to call first to make sure personnel are at the station and not out on a call. 444-6443.
Does the fire department give community CPR classes?
Classes are sometimes held at the department and are advertised through local newspapers. Most of the time they are held at Craven Community College they can be reached at 638-7268.
Are individual or group tours available to visit the fire station?
Yes, school aged children visits are the most common but we welcome all visitors. Call the station at 444-6443 to schedule a visit.
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