Garbage & Recycling


  • Waste Industries: 252.223.4176
  • City of Havelock Billing: 252.444.6404
  • City of Havelock Trash Carts: 252.444.6409
  • Craven County Recycling: 252.636.6659
  • Hickman Hill Convenience Center: 252.447.5127
  • Highway 101 Convenience Center: 252.444.3927
  • Tuscarora Landfill: 252.633.1564


All City residents who currently are water and/or sewer customers will have solid waste service from Waste Industries. A $16.86 monthly charge will be added to your water/sewer bill. You are financially responsible for the blue 95 gallon carts provided by Waste Industries. If damaged or lost, these carts cost $76.50 to replace. Waste Industries will NOT pick up trash in containers other than this cart. An additional cart can be delivered for your use at an additional fee of $16.86 per cart/month.

Solid Waste Collection Schedule
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Green Waste:
The City of Havelock picks up waste generated by residential lawn and garden maintenance. Limbs from ordinary pruning, not larger than 60″ long and 5″ in diameter will be collected. Do not pile yard waste in  your drainage ditch or in a position where it can be blown or pushed into the ditch. Such obstruction is against the City Code of Ordinances.
Bulk and Brown Waste: The City of Havelock picks up things like mattresses, furniture, electronics, carpet, kitchen cabinets, above ground pool components, swing sets, wire, fencing, bicycles, water heaters, stoves, and refrigerators.

If Waste Industries cannot pick up something you have left as trash, they will leave a tag on it that explains proper disposal of the item. A copy of that tag is kept on file.
If you have excess trash, you can purchase trash stickers and take excess trash to the Convenience Centers. The City maintains a supply of trash stickers for sale at Customer Service and will NOT buy back unused stickers.


Please take the following items to either Hickman Hill or Highway 101 Convenience Centers:

  • Construction material or debris
  • Whole trees or logs
  • Dirt or sod
  • Tree root systems
  • Batteries
  • Oil filters/Oil
  • Pallets
  • Paint cans