Stormwater Management

A stormwater program is necessary in order to maintain and improve the public drainage system for the protection of our community and the environment.

Stormwater Fees

  • How are stormwater fees determined?
    • The fee is based on the amount of impervious surface area on a property and the cost of providing stormwater services.
  • What is the fee for single-family and multi-family residential tenants?
    • Single-family and multi-family residential units pay a basic flat rate of $4.00 per month.
  • What is the fee for commercial/non-residential?

    • Commercial/non-residential properties are charged based on the total square footage of impervious surface. The fee is $4.00 per month for every 2,300 square feet of impervious surface.

  • How will the fee be charged?

    • Stormwater fees are billed via your monthly utility bill.

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Tips On How To Help Protect Our Waterways


  1. Never put anything into a storm drain, drainage ditch, creek or waterway.
  2. Always clean up and properly dispose of pet waste.
  3. Practice good lawn care. Leave grass clippings on the lawn to act as a natural fertilizer. Don't over-fertilize, fertilize the sidewalk, or fertilize before it rains. Install native plants to reduce fertilizer, pesticide and water use.
  4. Keep yard waste out of storm drains, ditches and streets.
  5. Put litter in the trash. Reduce, reuse, recycle, and repurpose.
  6. Wash your car on the grass or at a commercial carwash.
  7. Dispose of auto fluids and vehicle batteries at an auto parts store or at a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event.
  8. Dispose of paint, pesticides, solvents, household chemicals at a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event.
  9. Check vehicles for leaks and repair them.
  10. Spread the word about how to protect our waterways!

Drainage is Key!

  • For better drainage management, the City of Havelock has created a fee-supported stormwater utility to fund maintenance efforts and to make improvements to the drainage system.
  • Roadside ditches and drainage improvements significantly reduce flooding on downstream roads and properties. The public drainage system protects both public and private properties from the impacts of stormwater.
  • Stormwater management includes: strategic planning, project engineering and design, construction of drainage projects, routine and preventative maintenance, street sweeping, etc.

Did You Know?

  • When rain, snow, or any type of precipitation hits a surface, it becomes stormwater. In natural landscapes, stormwater gets soaked up into the ground or falls directly into waterbodies. However, when rain or water hit hard surfaces like pavement, sidewalks, and roofs it creates stormwater runoff.
  • Stormwater runoff carries pollution, such as: pet waste, automobile fluids, fertilizers, pesticides, yard debris, litter and sediment.
  • Stormwater runoff does not go to a treatment plant.
  • Polluted stormwater runoff is the #1 source of water pollution in North Carolina.

The City of Havelock is dedicated to the management of the public stormwater drainage system. Comprehensive management allows the City to budget and set stormwater fees based on actual costs, such as:

  • Providing services
  • Performing preventative maintenance
  • Funding much-needed drainage improvement projects

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