Police Bldg

The purpose of the Havelock Police Department is to protect and serve. The department protects the right of all persons within our jurisdiction to be free from criminal attack, to be secure in their possessions, and to live in peace. The department serves the people of Havelock by performing the law enforcement function in a transparent and professional manner.

Mission Statement

The existence of the Havelock Police Department is to serve the community.  The citizens deserve a professional, mature, empathic and responsible police force.  We are committed to these values and will strive to provide the highest level of customer service.  We believe in professionalism and treating all with dignity and respect.   


It is more important now than ever to partner with citizens and community organizations.  Through this partnership, all of us can enhance public safety and provide a safe community in which we live, work and play. 

"Our greatest partner is the community and our greatest asset is our personnel"

Police Force

Acting Chief of Police, Captain Jeff Fedyna, currently leads the Havelock Police Department until a new police chief is hired.


Lieutenant, Joshua Casassa, manages the Patrol Operations Division. This division consists of four base patrol teams supported by several "Flex" Officers. These teams work twelve-hour shifts to patrol the city's districts. Patrol Operations also oversees the School Resource Officers and Havelock Animal Control.

Email Lieutenant Joshua Casassa or call at 252-463-7104

Lieutenant, Anthony Fischer, manages the Investigative unit, Evidence/Property unit and the Dispatch Center. The investigative unit consists of four officers that investigate general crimes and narcotics violations. The evidence/property custodian is responsible for all evidence collected from crime scenes and responsible for all department owned equipment. The dispatch center is staffed by six full-time tele-communicators and ten part-time tele-communicators. The dispatch center is a fully functional PSAP and is in operation 24 hours a day. Special Operations also oversees the Records Division and the annual National Night Out event.

Email Lieutenant Anthony Fischer or call at 252-463-7131.

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