Planning & Inspections

The Planning and Inspections Department is responsible for reviewing all types of development proposals and their permit applications. The department is also accountable for carrying out building and zoning inspections daily to ensure that structures are safe and meet State Building Code standards. The responsibilities of the Planning Director include working with various boards, citizens, and civic groups to gain a consensus on how to address important development issues throughout the community.

Our Mission

The City of Havelock Department of Planning and Inspections exists to provide efficient codes administration/enforcement, diligent plan review, thorough and time responsive inspections, and sustain interdepartmental and outside agency partnerships to promote a safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing environment for the City of Havelock.

Havelock's 2030 Land Use Vision and CAMA Land Use Plan

The long-term vision for land use in the City of Havelock focuses on sustainable development - measured by environmental stewardship, economic prosperity, and an equitable distribution of community resources - that reflects the community's unique character and local values. 

The Board of Commissioners adopted the update of the CAMA Land Use Plan on April 10, 2023.  The Plan is now in the final stages of the Certification Process with the NC Division of Coastal Management. For details on the Plan and how it serves as the overall blueprint for long-term, sustainable growth and development in the community, please view the document found on this page. 


  • Please email completed applications in PDF format
  • You may also put them in the drop box outside the front door at City Hall