Fire & Rescue

West End Station

Welcome to Havelock Fire and Rescue! Our department is a small progressive municipal department that provides fire protection as well as an aggressive Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system providing services at the paramedic level.

Personnel & Fleet

The department's personnel consists of 22 career employees and 15 volunteers. The fire department responds to incidents inside the City limits while EMS and rescue contracts with the County to cover an area of 220 square miles. We average about 500 fire incidents a year and respond to 3,000 EMS calls. 

We have one 75-foot ladder truck, two engines, 4 ambulances and two rescue trucks.

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Havelock Fire and Rescue to prevent and minimize loss of life and property through education and experience.

Our Vision

It is our vision to be recognized as the premier Department providing the highest level of service to our customers within both city and county limits.

Our Core Values

  • Commitment - As one unified unit, we believe in the Mission, Vision and Core Values of our organization
  • Effective/Efficient - Provide the best care, equipment and services within our means
  • High Standard - We expect and deliver the very best
  • Integrity - Do what's ethically and morally correct
  • Pride - Knowing we have tried our best in all aspects of a situation
  • Professionalism - Act and perform in everyday duties
  • Service - Highest quality available provided to all our customers
  • Teamwork - Working together to become One