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Welcome to the City of Havelock, North Carolina

Located in Eastern North Carolina, midway between historic New Bern and the beautiful beaches of the Crystal Coast, Havelock has much to offer residents and visitors alike. Havelock is proud to be the home of Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing and the Fleet Readiness Center – East. A city of 22,500, Havelock is a great place to live or visit, blending old fashioned Southern hospitality with a cultural diversity.

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Latest News:

Spring Movie Event

From the largest elephant to the smallest shrew, the city of Zootopia is a mammal metropolis where various animals live ...
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Water Line Maintenance

IMPORTANT NOTICE To City Of Havelock Water Customers: Beginning Friday, April 19th, 2019, the City of Havelock will temporarily stop ...
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Easter Egg Hunt

The Havelock Annual Easter Egg Hunt April 13th, 2019, promptly at 10:00AM Event to be held in City Park Age ...
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Summer Day Camp

This Summer will be full of fun, activities and excitement for your child, age six to twelve,Β at the Havelock Parks ...
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Pickleball is a paddle sport (similar to a racquet sport) that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Two ...
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City Committee Volunteers Needed

The City of Havelock is accepting applications from citizens who reside within the city limits or extraterritorial jurisdiction, and who ...
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Click on the picture for date and time. FB cropped the original.

Lisa Kerr...does have date and time, but hopefully they will post it

April 25th at dusk!





Zoraida Borrero Terry

These wonderful pets are available for adoption at the Havelock Animal Shelter. For more information call (252) 444-2712 or visit the facility, located in the parking lot behind City Hall.

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Carl Culver please one or two more? You won’t know the difference

Do you have any White puppies

Adrian Barnes Jordan Barnes I’m going to guess that 95% of these cats came from Woodhaven.

Oh, sweet babies! I adopted "Felix" from you guys in November 2017 and I'm SO glad I did. He was one of the kittens from a feral colony cull. We renamed him Mikko- he has grown into a HUGE and silly guy. He has the strangest habits and is a riot! Here's what he used to look like (left pics) and currently, on the right.

Shelby Rae

Joshua Shaw the bottom right one 😍😍

Thalia Perez

J Michael Contreras

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If I still lived there, I would definitely participate. Community clean ups protect our natural resources. My son just moved there and has done some roadside cleaning already.

Elizabeth Schaffer

I agree with Kevin Rideout. I pay taxes to get this stuff completed. Now I have to buy bags for my yard waste, the water bill went up to pay for a new employee. Maybe if the City of Havelock was a more deisrable city with more things to do then people would take more pride in it. But unfortuately I have seen it go further down in the 34 years I have lived here.

To me it’s sad we have to have our citizens who pay taxes to go and clean up our city when we have paid employees and contractors to do this. Come and look at Donnell Ave after I have called the city numerous times about the trash outside of the apartment complex’s. Enough is enough do your job city employees. And fine the people breaking the ordinances .

Christopher Kelly

Kacey Lawrenson

There will be more and more dump sites found as this town keeps restricting the trash pickup.

Zoraida Borrero Terry

PLANNED WATER OUTAGE - The City has been notified by DOT that Tucker Creek and MacDonald Downs will experience an interruption in water service.
WHEN - TBD, potentially during the week of March 25th. An update will be provided when exact date is determined.
WHY - Activation of a new water line. 
DETAILS - Once service is restored, a boil water advisory will be in effect for approximately 24 hours.

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Any update yet? I’d like to plan ahead for washing my kids and doing household chores..

The people living in Tucker Creek and MacDonald Downs deserve some kind of gift from the water department as much as they’re out of water, just saying.

City of Havelock!!!!! I have no water this morning!!!!!! March 25!!!!!!!! I live on Coachman Lane!!!!! Nowhere near MacDonald Downs and Tucker Creek!!!!!!!!!!!! You have a problem!!!!!!!!!!!! And now I have a problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just saying.......

any updates?

Any word on an exact date for this nonsense?

Hopefully we get the update BEFORE the water is shut off.

What about the schools? Will they have water?

Cindy LaFrenz Fone

Well at least it looks like we only have to wait 18 more years for the access road to open. Can't wait to see how the middle school traffic will screw up the main flow of traffic. Joy.

Bryce Forsblad, Melissia Repass Forsblad, Sean Smith, Amanda Smith, Joel Keefer, Kim Keefer

Tasha Nikole Springer

Leilani here we go again

Hunter Owens

Angie Poppe

Lisa Marie Garcia isn’t this where you live? Y’all never have water 🀣

Has tucker creek middle school been notified of this.

Omg!!! This sucks!

Mihriban Tekin Whalen

Edward McCamish Jon Plouffe

Jordan Kelsey

Tim Stuckey

Shawna Reynolds Jonathon Boone


Chris Thomas

Robert Colaw, Michelle Rivas Colaw, Daniel Howard, Jen Howard, Rea Stuckey

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