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Located in Eastern North Carolina, midway between historic New Bern and the beautiful beaches of the Crystal Coast, Havelock has much to offer residents and visitors alike. Havelock is proud to be the home of Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing and the Fleet Readiness Center – East. A city of 22,500, Havelock is a great place to live or visit, blending old fashioned Southern hospitality with a cultural diversity.

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Yesterday’s traffic in Havelock, caused by the Department of Transportation (DoT) Slocum Flyover Project, was unacceptable by any metric. The delay that occurred was unanticipated by the contractor and DoT. The delays initially began with multiple brief closures of the entire highway for re-pavement requirements. The traffic issues were exacerbated by the delayed reopening of all lanes beyond the agreed upon 3:00 pm deadline. For the City of Havelock to provide effective traffic assistance, we must have advance notice to bring in additional resources.  Advance notice was not provided to the City. The City and NCDoT will be meeting to discuss new traffic mitigation options to help prevent future significant traffic delays. There will not be any planned lane closures for the Slocum Flyover Project until at least Tuesday, April 23rd as we work through this issue with NCDoT.

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City of Havelock... yes thank you for caring and taking the time to deal with this issue. May i suggest that if the road has to be closed for any length of time, do it at night. NCDOT seems to have this idea already they just ignored the citizens and city's need to have the road open. The people working this project knew they were going to cause this and didn't care.

Regardless of the cause of the traffic delays Safety Officers should have been issuing tickets to those that didn't follow traffic laws, running red lights, entering an intersection that was not clear for them to clear on the other side and failing to yield right of way when at an intersection with multiple stop signs being the main ones. As slow as traffic was they could have safely walked in the lanes after a light giving the tickets.

This was a very big mess yesterday but thank you City Of Havelock for taking immediate action. Can we not be a little more supportive of one another. Yes i agree work needs to be done at night.

Well what needs to happen is like every other State does and have this work done at night. All major work like that should and does get done at night. The DOT really dropped the ball on this.

City of Havelock...i think what the citizens of Havelock and surrounding areas are attempting to say...is THANK YOU FOR CARING ABOUT OUR INCONVENIENCE!

That's good to know, hopefully they will have a better plan to get it better under control. People need to also understand that work has to be done, there is going to be traffic. Hopefully it won't be too bumper to bumper, intersection blocking, crazy driving drivers.

I hear everyone’s frustrations. There is no good time to close lanes on 70. I thought the guys working the project did an awesome job to accomplish those tasks in a minimal time. Let’s say they started at 9pm then they would have affected the 6am commute. People be patient it’s a growing pain. Beaufort SC has had the same growing pains. We will all survive this upgrade.

They should be doing all of this construction at night with proper lighting like they do up in the bigger cities like Charlotte, Ashville, Winston-Salem, etc....

Just purely amazes me other well populated areas does their work at night and they are doing this in the daytime hours with the military and beach people traffic. But I don't expect any less out of NCDOT

The worst part is as I made my way through.....there was absolutely no need for the lane being closed! There is no telling how much money businesses lost yesterday...I know that I had two trucks sitting in that mess!!! Great job City of Havelock I knew someone got taken to the wood shed after how smooth things were today!

Try it with 40 kids along for your ride.

Here's a solution....work at night with very minimal traffic at 19:00 to 05:00. Major construction like this should be at night. Just like major cities do.

So glad you guys recognize this thank you

To attempt this process in the daylight hours is unrealistic with community and base traffic. They should be working at night when the demand on roads is much less. I can't even imagine trying to get an ambulance through that mess in an emergency. Please put some thought into working in the night hours. Safer for workers at construction site and travelers.

They need to move this work to night time. It always seems to be something with this crew doing this work. As we all have seen in the past they dont care about following schudled times for anything

What happens in case of a medical emergency?

I understand there will be traffic backing up, but yesterday was ridiculous.

I was in that nightmare, trying to get home from a wonderful three day stay in Morehead City area. In front of me was a school bus. We sat for an hour and moved only 1/4 a mile. I finally took a feeder road and made a U-turn, then replanned my route, swinging wide to the west to make it back to Virginia. I thought about all those kids stuck on that bus. I am glad to see the contractors were fined!

Considering it too my daughter from noon till 3 pm to get from "downtown" Havelock to New Bern- I think there were more than just brief closures......

Thanks for the clarification, this newest update, and for stepping in to work towards finding a resolution that doesn’t continue to penalize the citizens. Clearly, communication between the contractor and NCDOT has fallen apart somewhere. While the confusion about who is responsible for this ongoing public nuisance is somewhat understandable, it’s unfortunate that so many people have misdirected their anger at the City and at city employees. Hopefully the seriousness of yesterday’s situation will be taken seriously by DOT so they will do whatever needs to be done to ensure it doesn’t ever happen again.

Work from 9:30PM until 5:30AM!!

DOT also needs to put through all of the side roads to alleviate problems like this or accidents that close the highway. Traffic can be diverted to the side roads. The way things are we have ONE road to travel and when there is a problem there in NO alternative! You sit and wait, sometimes for hours with no way to even turn around. VERY dangerous when an emergency vehicle needs to get through! Just connecting the 2 blocks from Carolina Pines to Flanners would help a lot since there are so many accidents there.

Thank you for addressing the issue

How about performing said Maintenance / Work at night after Rush Hour? Is this a feasible option?

Yes yesterday was absolutely awful but I appreciate your response and concern! Thank you city of Havelock for all you do.

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It doesn’t matter, when they are open they still don’t get much done

Why is this a thing!? This shouldn't be a thing!

It is not a federal holiday. Way to waste tax payer dollars

OMG!! Does that mean no picking-up of paper bags?? Tree limbs? Other stuff too? The Mayor must be leaving town.

This town can only do one thing correct. Waste tax payer money. You're all corrupt and/or inept.

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