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Located in Eastern North Carolina, midway between historic New Bern and the beautiful beaches of the Crystal Coast, Havelock has much to offer residents and visitors alike. Havelock is proud to be the home of Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing and the Fleet Readiness Center – East. A city of 22,500, Havelock is a great place to live or visit, blending old fashioned Southern hospitality with a cultural diversity.

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The quarterly awards ceremony for Havelock Police's Do The Right Thing program was held on Thursday night ...
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The Havelock Appearance Commission is in the process of collecting old military boots (any branch of service) to be on ...
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Notice of Public Hearing-FY 2019-20 Proposed Budget

The proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2019-2020 for the City of Havelock has been provided to the Board of Commissioners ...
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2018 Water Quality Report

Quality First We are pleased to present our annual water quality report for 2018. As in years past, we are ...
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Green Waste

When preparing yard waste... All yard waste must be separated from any trash, garbage or rubbish. Limbs Limbs left for ...
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Water Line Maintenance

IMPORTANT NOTICE To City Of Havelock Water Customers: Beginning Friday, April 19th, 2019, the City of Havelock will temporarily stop ...
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Due to overnight issues at the Slocum Flyover Construction Site, east-bound and west-bound drivers may experience increased traffic and significant delays during their morning commute. UPDATE, 7:45 AM- All lanes on Hwy 70 are reopening.

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UPDATE, 7:45 AM- All lanes on Hwy 70 are reopening.

It appears that DOT needs to get contractor to work this part of the process, starting at 7pm and work until 4am, then maybe they might have the lanes open by 6:00

Thank you havelock police department for controlling the lights so flow of traffic can be smoother.

Happy to see the police department out there directing traffic this time!

I’ll say it again...the Havelock by-pass should have been the FIRST project. Then folks would have an alternate way in/out of town while the fly-over is constructed. No, let’s block what is the ONLY route for many folks...

Way to notify in a timely matter. This should have been posted by 4:30 in the morning. Police should have been out ready to direct traffic before it was rush hour. All common sense for this project has been lost.

Shout out to the driver in the black SUV who let a bunch of folks out of the Tucker Creek neighborhood despite utter brats trying to use the service road as a shortcut laying on their horns behind them. My daughter and I were cheering from 70 eastbound. Lol

So that’s why my kids bus was 45 minutes late picking her up. She was late to school needless to say. Can’t wait for this nightmare to be over.

What needs to happen is the city needs to go out there and figure this out when the lane closures are due to end. A simple look would be crap we need to let people know this so they aren’t late. Then post it. It is crazy that they have a deadline to make and they are constantly exceeding the deadline and the fines are NOT stiffer everything is just hunky dory. This is affecting pretty much everyone’s jobs. How is a town suppose to function when they can’t get to work or school(dont you think our children missed enough school during the hurricane) their apts, and there is not enough advance communication so people can take the long way around?

This is a joke. I usually have a 20 minute commute to work, I have already driven about 10 minutes of my commute and still have at least 55 minutes to go. An earlier notice would have been nice. Who’s going to compensate for the missed time at work?

This is not a traffic delay. It is a traffic nightmare. I commute daily to Cherry Point and watch the news to see if there will be delays. A delay is 15 minutes. I hit standstill traffic at Stately Pines and it has taken me 25 minutes to get to Carolina Pines. Still sitting here and I will be at least 1-2 hours late for work. Who is going to reimburse me for that. NCDOT or ST Wooten- I don’t think so. A delay- I think not. The construction blocking the road was to end at 5am. There is no way it did because there would not be that much traffic at that time.

Can I get an update? Is traffic back to normal?

Also...since this time of day is a commute time, how about helping the people of Havelock by directing traffic to get past this important TIME OF THE DAY

I certainly hope City of Havelock will hammer these guys with a heavy fine. Don’t they have meetings to discuss back out procedures. Once they discovered a problem, they should have backed out and reassessed their plan.

From what I understand the issues last night cause operations to carry over into morning rush-hour. I’m no expert on project management but they probably should have halted operations, regrouped and attacked again the next night.

It was nice to see havelock city police out directing traffic at 910 when I went through. Kudos fo trying to fix the problem quickly

We have not seen anything yet wait until they start the 4 year James city project.

This is crazy. Yea it sucks that it’s backed up and people will be late. But you can tell those who have never seen traffic before. Hello havelock is growing it’s not little town anymore. And if people would learn how to drive and stop being inconsiderate impatient a-holes then half of congestion could be avoided. Man some of y’all really going to shit yourself when they start construction on I42 you ain’t seen nuthing yet havelock

Once again we can not get out of Tucker Creek because everyone thinks the access road is faster😡😡

Whoever set the barrels up for the turn lane onto base at slocum needs to be drug tested.

Y'all act like they are doing this just to inconvenience you. They want to get it done as much as you want it done. Problems happen during construction. Get over it and yourselves. Those guys have been up all night working.

I really hope they get fined again for being 4 hours late reopening lanes!

Supposed to be done by 4am??? Apparently the fines being imposed aren't stiff enough. I have a huge heartburn with it when I finally get to the back gate intersection and see 8-10 construction workers standing around shooting the shit watching the backed up traffic!

I'm sitting In traffic by Toyota dealer in New bern

Manual transmissions suck in S.T. Wooten construction traffic #leftcalfisonfire

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Each summer, the Havelock Police Department and North Carolina law enforcement officers carry the Flame of Hope across the state in the North Carolina Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics, culminating in the lighting of the cauldron to officially open the Special Olympics North Carolina Summer Games in Raleigh. The 2,000-mile, month-long Torch Run Relay involves more than 2,500 law enforcement officers and personnel representing more than 200 law enforcement agencies across North Carolina.

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Saw them today and wanted to honk to show my support!!! Love seeing support for such a great cause!!

I think it is a great gesture but couldn’t they run on the service road where available. On the way to NB it looked like an accident just waiting to happen.

Gabriel Schoepflin this is what we saw when we picked up your truck

Annie Rae Morozko Nicole Lindholm

I saw them today. I wasn’t sure what it was though.

Saw some runners today!!! Wanted to wave but thought I may disturb them. Good Luck

Okay. I did not see the torch.

When will Havelock run?

Andrew Shaver

Matt Roseto

YOᑌ GO ᑎEᑭᕼEᗯ!!!! TY TO ᗩᒪᒪ TᕼE OᖴᖴIᑕEᖇᔕ IᑎᐯOᒪᐯEᗪ!!!

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ST Wooten will be continuing overnight construction work on US 70. Lane closures are set for both east-bound and west-bound lanes beginning at 9:00 PM and are to be removed by 4:00 AM. During this time, one lane east-bound and one west-bound will remain open for traffic.
This week, ST Wooten will begin overnight installation of bridge girders over US 70. During this time, there will be a change in the traffic pattern. Single lane, two way traffic will run side-by-side on the same side of Highway 70. East-bound MacDonald Downs residents will not be permitted to make a U-turn at Slocum Road to enter the residential area. MacDonald Downs residents must make a U-turn at Catawba Road to gain access via west-bound lanes, as a U-turn is not authorized at the Walmart intersection. ST Wooten will be coordinating with the Havelock Police Department for assistance during this work. In addition to lane closures during girder installation, the contractor may completely close the road for up to 30 minutes to perform work that would be unsafe for the traffic to drive under or around.
1. 5/21/19 – 5/22/19 Tuesday Night through Wednesday Morning – 8:30 PM – 4:00 AM 
2. 5/28/19 – 5/29/19 Tuesday Night through Wednesday Morning – 8:30 PM – 4:00 AM 
3. 5/29/19 – 5/30/19 Wednesday Night through Thursday Morning – 8:30 PM – 4:00 AM

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This mornings traffic has determined, that was a lie.

I’m curious why that very large piece, I’m assuming is a girder was being moved when I came home today. I was very surprised to see that large peice slowly being moved and hanging over 70 while traffic was flowing. The dirt on the ramp on slocum was just falling as they were moving. Seems dangerous to me. 🙄

Thank you for the updated information

When will the road connecting McDonald Downs and Tucker Creek be completed? And why are we not being updated on its progress? For those of us that live in McDonald Downs it is way more than an inconvenience issue. It is a huge safety issue. There have been a handful of accidents and numerous close calls while having to make the u turn at the light by the fire house as well as Slocum road. This is because traffic from apposing directions are allowed to turn right on red and are not yielding to u-turn traffic even when they have the green light and right of way.

Shouldn't #1 be: 5/21/19 – 5/22/19 Tuesday Night through Wednesday Morning – 8:30 PM – 4:00 AM

Charles Strunk

I like how it says 9 at the top and 8:30 at the bottom. 🙄🤬

Carla Reibold

Dylan Aakhus

Meghan Bailey Woodard here we go lol

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i wave to these guys all the time and not 1 time have i had a havelock police officer wave back or even acknowledge i waved

Breanna Fahnestock it’s your dad!

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