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Havelock operates under the Council-Manager form of government where the City Commissioners serve as a board of directors and set policy and direction for the city. This board is led by the Mayor who does not vote on issues unless there is a tie. The Mayor serves as the ceremonial head of the government and presides at all meetings of the Board of Commissioners. He is the official spokesperson for the city.

The Mayor is the chief elected official of the city and serves four-year terms. The Board of Commissioners consists of five members, each elected for four-year terms. Terms of the Commissioners are staggered: three Commissioners are elected during one election and two Commissioners elected two years later. Municipal elections in the City of Havelock are non-partisan and at-large, meaning the Commissioners do not represent districts, but rather serve the entire city population.


Mayor Will Lewis

Will Lewis
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Will Lewis has been a Havelock City Commissioner for 8 years (two terms) and was elected by his peers to serve Havelock as Mayor Pro Tempore for the last two years. He has a large base of corporate knowledge, a diverse network of colleagues and is known for his ability to see multiple sides of an issue to arrive at a solution all parties can agree upon.

"My loyalty lies strictly with the City of Havelock and my policies and decisions are based on a foundation that centers on the future of the City. My leadership style is fundamentally different than the current administration and I believe that my method is not only more proactive, but more focused on achieving targeted, actionable solutions to the issues and challenges currently being faced by the City of Havelock. I have served as a Havelock City Commissioner for 8 years, and was elected by my peers on the board to serve Havelock as Mayor Pro Tempore for the last two years. I have a large base of corporate knowledge, a diverse network of contacts, and am known for my ability to see multiple sides of an issue and help people with various interests and viewpoints determine a satisfactory resolution."

I am excited about the opportunities that are possible for Havelock and will dedicate myself to helping our citizens achieve the goals we want to pursue. Havelock's best days are still ahead!

Board of Commissioners
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Karen D. Lewis
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Karen D. Lewis was elected to a four year term to the Havelock Board of Commissioners in 2011. Her goal is to provide much needed commercial and residential growth to the area. Karen would like to ensure that citizen tax dollars are being spent wisely and making Havelock a place to call home and raise our children.

Karen came to Havelock in 1981, when her husband received orders to Cherry Point. She is currently serving as the Fundraising Chair for the Havelock Little League Program.

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Brenda K. Wilson
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Brenda Wilson was elected to the Havelock Board of Commissioners in 2013. Brenda has been a resident of Havelock since 1978. She and husband Mike moved here while Mike was serving in the US Marine Corps, and now, call Havelock Home. Brenda currently serves on the Craven Community College Board of Trustees and the Committee of 100. She has been a Realtor in Havelock for over 30 years “Opening doors to New Beginnings” for many families. Brenda is a member of the Havelock/Cherry Point Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors along with other trade organizations. Brenda believes Havelock needs more successful businesses to attract more customers to Havelock. She assisted in the original planning by the Havelock/Rotary Club on the Waterfront Park, Boat Ramp and Gazebo.

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George Liner
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George Liner was re-elected to the Havelock Board of Commissioners in 2011. He believes a long range plan is needed to provide proper commercial and residential growth. George wants to ensure that tax payer funds are being spent wisely and thriftily, and would like more citizen involvement in local government. George is interested in the planning and development of Havelock’s growth.

George came to Havelock in 1985, courtesy of the U.S. Marine Corps with his wife and daughter. He retired from the Marine Corps in 1992 with 29+ years of service, and most recently from MCAS Cherry Point Facilities Directorate in July 2007 with 44 years of continuous Federal Service.

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James L. Stuart
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James L. Stuart was re-elected in 2013. His vision for Havelock is a strong, attractive infrastructure where our children and grandchildren will stay on and we can all be proud of our city.

Commissioner Stuart retired from active duty Marine Corps in 1982 as a Master Sergeant and recently from NADEP Cherry Point. His government service totals nearly 42 years. He is the Volunteer Aircraft Curator for the Havelock Tourist & Event Center Aviation Exhibit. Mr. Stuart has also served as a volunteer in the Havelock Fire-Rescue Department, and served terms on the Recreation Advisory Board and Board of Adjustment.

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Daniel Walsh

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Daniel F. (Danny) Walsh, IV, was re-elected to the Havelock Board of Commissioners in 2011 and currently serves as Mayor Pro Tem. He believes that more successful businesses will improve the quality of life for Havelock residents and spread the tax burden more equally among its citizens. He is interested in transportation improvements to increase business and attract more customers to the Havelock area.

Commissioner Walsh came to Havelock in 1964 as a young Marine and made it his home. He has owned several businesses over the years and currently owns “Boone’s Truck Center” with his wife, Ginny, and son, Boone. He served on the Havelock Board of Adjustment for three years and the Planning Board for 11 years. Mr. Walsh currently serves on the boards of Havelock Regional Development Corporation and BB&T Bank. In addition, he is the Craven County representative to the Environmental Impact Review Board at MCAS Cherry Point.

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