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Welcome to the City of Havelock, North Carolina

Located in Eastern North Carolina, midway between historic New Bern and the beautiful beaches of the Crystal Coast, Havelock has much to offer residents and visitors alike. Havelock is proud to be the home of Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing and the Fleet Readiness Center – East. A city of 22,500, Havelock is a great place to live or visit, blending old fashioned Southern hospitality with a cultural diversity.

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Latest News:

Congratulations to Arthur W Edwards Elementarys Dallas Mathis, recipient of the Do the Right Thing Award from the Havelock Police Department. The following is a perfect example of getting past first impressions and working together for a greater goal. Dallas rides the bus in the afternoons and has become a wonderful helper. Hes known to regularly put the forgotten windows up on the bus before he gets off. Hes also helped with Kindergartners who fall asleep on the bus and missed their stop. Upon returning to their stop he woke them up, helped them off the bus. Thank you Dallas for all that you do and for Doing The Right Thing!
Congratulations to Annunciation Catholic School Havelocks Josiah Collins-George, recipient of the Do the Right Thing Award from Havelock Police Department! Recently, while out of school in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Josiah chose to dedicate several hours to volunteer at a special project at New Beginnings Ministry of Faith-Havelock. Josiahs helped deliver, load, unload and stage a trailer with logs cut for donation. Those logs will be used to build above ground gardens for growing vegetables and plants to benefit veterans throughout Craven County.

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Josiah you have made us all so very proud. Keep up the good work.

Oh my goodness tell josiah I'm so so proud of him. Tell him to keep up the good work. Congratulations! !!

Congratulations Josiah!! Great job!

Great job Josiah!

Excellent work Josiah😊

Thank you for being such a great example and leader to others Josiah! Congrats!!

Awesome job Josiah!! Great job too Regina!!

Thank you Josiah; job well done! 💞

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Congratulations to Tucker creek middles Shyanne Taylor, recipient of the Do the Right Thing Award from the Havelock Police Department. Shyanne is an AWESOME student at Tucker Creek Middle School. She is friendly, kind, helpful and thoughtful. At the beginning of the second semester, she started music studies with Mrs. Franta. In the class was a student who was struggling with the music. Shyanne befriended the student and started assisting them on a daily basis. She also helped them to become a real part of the class and a productive singer. Thank you Shyanne for being AWESOME and for “Doing The Right Thing!”
Congratulations to Havelock High School Officials Tyiyon Johnson, recipient of the Do the Right Thing Award from the Havelock Police Department. Tyiyon has been through a lot the last two years and has kept his head held high through some difficult times. He has excelled as a starter for the Rams football team. Just recently, he excelled as a leader after discovering that substitute had not yet arrived in one of his classes. His classmates tried to persuade him not to inform the front office. Tyiyon ignored the peer pressure and  alerted the front office. Thank you, Tyiyon, for doing the Right Thing!

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We love you Tyiyon!! GREAT YOUNG GUY! What an awesome example you are for all of us! Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do...and you lead the way!! CONGRATULATIONS!! So deserving!! ❤️❤️⭐️🌟💫✨

Great job Tyiyon! It may not be the popular thing to do now, but is the kind of thing that will set you apart from others in your future. Keep up the good work!

Congratulations n you're doing good!!

👏🏽 Awesome Tyiyon

That's awesome. Proud of you Tyiyon!!

A true leader! Tyiyon Johnson

Way to Go Tyiyon! Good Work 🙂

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In response to ongoing concerns and citizen complaints, Havelock Animal Control will continue trapping stray/feral cats. The goal is not to collect pet cats, but to reduce the number of stray cats. With regard to pet cats, we are encouraging owners to gain greater control of their pets to reduce conflict in neighborhoods.
Date: February 24, 2017 - March 3, 2017
Location: E Sherwood Drive, Havelock, NC 28532
1. The purpose of this notice is to notify neighbors of trapping target areas so that they can focus on controlling their pets while we can collect strays. Additionally, pet owners can notify us with their contact info so we can call them if a pet cat is collected.
2. Pet owners will have their pet returned without a fine after the first occurrence (daily fee may apply.) Repeat occurrences will result in a fine.
3. If the collected cat is found to not be a pet, it will be handled in accordance with the current ordinance.
Please contact Animal Control at (252) 444-2712 with questions.

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Why aren't there pictures of the stray cats on your animal shelter website so people can adopt them? Do you automatically euthanize them?

Thanks for all your hard work!!

I am happy to see this. I am sorry that it took 2 days of many phone calls and posting on social media to help get strays picked up after being told you would not pick them up!

Terri Morgan