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Welcome to the City of Havelock, North Carolina

Located in Eastern North Carolina, midway between historic New Bern and the beautiful beaches of the Crystal Coast, Havelock has much to offer residents and visitors alike. Havelock is proud to be the home of Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing and the Fleet Readiness Center – East. A city of 22,500, Havelock is a great place to live or visit, blending old fashioned Southern hospitality with a cultural diversity.

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City of Havelock, North Carolina

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The City of Havelock has exciting employment opportunities and we want you to join our team! Come see us tomorrow at the FREE Craven Works Resources and Jobs Event, being held at the New Bern Riverfront Convention Center!

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I'm in so let me know if I get to join the team thank you so much.

Stephii !

Brenda Roney

Mark W. Witmer

Congratulations to Roger R Bell Elementarys Nathaniel Cantey, recipient of the Do the Right Thing Award from the Havelock Police Department. Recently, while out of school for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Nathaniel chose to spend his free time volunteering several hours to “Do the Right Thing”. Nathaniel helped to stage a trailer, load it with logs cut specifically for donation, and deliver, and unload the logs. The logs will be used to build above ground gardens for growing vegetables and plants that will benefit retired, disabled and homeless veterans across Craven County. Thank you, Nathaniel Cantey, for doing the Right Thing!

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Congratulations Nathaniel for doing the right thing. You could have spent the day playing but chose to do something to help others.

Nathaniel Cantey is a "Difference Maker" who chooses to "Do the Right Thing" Barbara Tyrone Cantey, Bishop Charles Dudley

Awesome, way to go Nathaniel. Barbara Tyrone Cantey...I know your very proud!


Charles Dudley

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Congratulations to the Havelock Tourist & Event Centers Sales Manager, Holly Willis for being named Town of Trent Woods Citizen of the Year! The City of Havelock is proud that our employees are dedicated citizens and volunteer throughout Eastern North Carolina.

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Congratulations Holly. Great honor for a lovely lady!!!!

So proud of you and all you do!

In response to ongoing concerns and citizen complaints, Havelock Animal Control will continue trapping stray/feral cats. The goal is not to collect pet cats, but to reduce the number of stray cats. With regard to pet cats, we are encouraging owners to gain greater control of their pets to reduce conflict in neighborhoods.
Date: March 18, 2017 - March 27, 2017
Location: Nunn Street, Havelock, NC 28532
1. The purpose of this notice is to notify neighbors of trapping target areas so that they can focus on controlling their pets while we can collect strays. Additionally, pet owners can notify us with their contact info so we can call them if a pet cat is collected.
2. Pet owners will have their pet returned without a fine after the first occurrence (daily fee may apply.) Repeat occurrences will result in a fine.
3. If the collected cat is found to not be a pet, it will be handled in accordance with the current ordinance.
Please contact Animal Control at (252) 444-2712 with questions.

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Since I don't live in Havlock, but am considering retirement to the area, I'm very interested to know exactly what your county ordinance directs be done with these feral cats? Does your county have a TNR (trap, neuter, release) program? Will you work with a TNR group such as Alley Cat Allies to set up feral colony care? Or will the cats be put to death? Your time in answering my question is greatly appreciated.